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I read through a lot of ideas and I am definitely inspired for my own project now! The gears are turning…

FINAL PROJECT IDEAS – Amy’s Online Thoughts

For the idea above, I kind of have to talk about it because the idea is all about books and I love books! I would definitely listen to this podcast/project when it comes out, it sounds so cool. The idea seemed very broad, just about books in general and I think that is a good place to start. There are hints of possible deep dives and I think that falling down literary rabbit holes could be very intriguing. I know that this synopsis seemed to lean towards a podcast/audio medium, however, I think also including text, as that is traditionally writing, could be interesting, as well as including video. Particularly for all of the book summaries, a video that goes along with it or a movie trailer could be very engaging.


For this one, I would just like to say to embrace the mystery. I like the vagueness of it and I think that continuing that throughout the project would be very powerful in keeping the viewer’s attention. Since there is a bit of government involvement in the post, it could be cool if part of the actual story is from a government document or report. That could be an interesting addition to the medium. I am just very excited to see where this one will go, is shadow Fredericksburg in an alternate dimension or this one? Are we shadow Fredericksburg? what is in shadow Fredericksburg? Can you call it shadow Fred or is that too casual? I am dying to know!


blueberries have always been very polite to me

To make a successful fried Week 9, one must have the best recipe. This is my great-great grandmother’s recipe for deep-fried week 9, and she got it from her great-grandpa so it’s been in the family for ages.


1 1/2s ear of listening corn, chopped.

a blueberry pie , which could be substituted for lemon pie if you find blueberries to be disagreeable.

Once mixed and exsanguinated, the mix must be left to ruminate on the future, and after that is when you can proceed to the next steps.

The mixture must be re-fried.

The mixture must be re-fried again.

If you didn’t fry it before the first re-fry, you have to go back and fry it that first time.

You may add other ingredients, spices, mixtures, lobsters, and utilize other cooking methods to taste.

My favorite alternate ingredients include raspberries, snickers, truffles, green onions, perogies, mountain dew, falafel, doughnuts, red dye 40, parsnip, ham, and or omelets.


MTV stands for Monster Tele-Vision inc.

To be fair, I loved this assignment when I did it, so this isn’t so much a revision as it is a part 2. I wanted to make a completely new second cooking video, but honestly, there is not much I can make in my dorm room that isn’t just like cheese on crackers. The peanut butter apples were basic enough. And this was supposed to be a remix. So I used the same footage.

In the first assignment write-up, I explained that I had originally wanted to do a backward but played forewards video so that it was extra weird, but I had to scrap the idea cause it was too confusing (obviously). But this time I could do it! This could be like a monster’s rebuttal to the original where they de-create the snack. And so this was born. Hats off to iMovie and google doc image options.

Fun tidbit, if the music sounds strange, it is because I took the same music from the last video and played it backward. Thought it would fit well and also tie into the original. 


Captain Pi-eyed Bill, a Biography

Captain Pi-eyed Bill is not one of the most feared pirates ever, but he is the most vicious. If anyone or any country gets in the way of his search for buried pies and mythical bakeries of civilizations past, they are not long for this earth or these oceans.

Captain Pi-eyed Bill sails on his ship, life, and it is the fastest ship on this hear globe. He actually got it second hand, its original purpose was to race the wind, which it did for many years and won many prizes.

Like most pirates (and all cowboys) Captain Pi-eyed Bill has a bit of a romantic soul. Not in the way of relationships exactly, but a romanticism for life. And to express this, he writes poetry, often about the dreams that he has. Unbeknownst to him, his dreams are visions, predictions of a future that is yet to come.


Totally Normal Teenage Boy Take 2, Electric Boogaloo

Originally, this assignment, Totally Normal Room of a Totally Normal Teenage Boy, was 948 words. I am a creative writing major, so this isn’t too shocking. When it comes to the written word, I have a lot to say. But, more often than not, revision in the writing words is cutting. Editing is a process of elimination, not addition. So to rework this assignment, I wanted to edit it. Drastically. I wanted to try to cut it in half, to select and delete 474 words, but that was a pretty high (or low) goal. I ended up cutting out around 422 words, which is a 45% cut. It was pretty brutal, but I definitely like this version better. Even looking back at the original post, why did I think nearly a thousand words was a good length. 

“There is a page on Wikipedia, called Wikipedia:Random, where you can click the link and get brought to a random page on Wikipedia. For this assignment, go to the link and then click on the words Special:Random. Whatever page you get, somehow incorporate it into a short story involving whatever theme your class has…”

Submitted by: Francesca Maisano

The hatch in the floor opened, and the hand pushing it up brought with it the body of a teenage boy. Standing, he put his backpack down, the old burlap of it bulging, mostly filled with cans of food, but also tubes of paint scavenged by grateful townies. Before he unpacked, he crossed his room to the record player, nudging one of the piles of clothes under his bed as he did so. The paper album cover of Schizophrenia: Cantorial Recordings Reimagined was worn near uselessness, he handled it with care. As the dissonance began, before the instruments kicked in, Hastur opened the curtains. 

The sky was gray, a hint of lightest blue at the edges. In another time, the center of the sky might have been white, but here it was tainted with smoke. There was no sun, but light seeped into the landscape anyway. Hastur had come home just in time. Nothing stirred on the deserted landscape, the dusty ground harboring few plants but the odd tree or hardy grass. The vocalist began singing, and like so much of Hastur’s music, he did not know the language, but the message was clear, and it matched the desolation very well indeed. 

He turned to his desk. He had been running out of a lot of colors, and today’s work would be based on whatever paint the townspeople had found. He had long divorced realism, coming to the conclusion that he could only work with what he had, and if that was a tube of bright purple, he might as well use it. The paints were covered in names he did not know, and he was about to begin swatching when the shadows on the horizon stole his attention. 

His heart began to beat faster, outpacing the rhythm of the music. Opening the case under the window, his hands assembled the machine from memory. It clicked into place on the window sill, barrel pointing outward, a single black finger, a warning, but the approaching flock paid it no mind. Hastur fitted his eye into the sight. 

The mess of leathery wings and scraggly hairs was difficult to discern, but as they neared, the individual creatures could be distinguished. He wanted to look away, he had seen enough bulbous faces, bony limbs, and putrefied skin, but he kept his eye unblinking, sighting which one he was going to get first, waiting for them to come within range. It didn’t take long. 

He held his breath and fired in between his heartbeats. The head of the monster exploded and dropped out of sight. He could tell that the other things were crying out, their tooth-filled mouths open, but the percussion-heavy music drowned them out. He fired again and again, taking aim and picking out those in front. He counted in his head. 

Hastur had killed a third of the pack before they screeched and fled. He did not fire in the hope that one day they would realize that retreat was all he wanted. He disassembled his gun and sealed the case back up. He turned back to his desk, ready to see exactly what shade phthalo blue was.


An Even More Impish Outline, if you can believe it.

I really do like my original project idea, but one thing I learned while doing the podcast was how much I love editing audio. I did some work with audio in high school and I have forgotten how I enjoy the whole process so much. So though I love following this rollerblading apocalypse survivor, I want something that will give me more options to play with audio. For that reason, I might change the idea to something with a little more audible potential. 

I have had an idea rattling around in my head for a little while now. It’s been simmering, picking up bits and pieces, interrupting classes with daydreams, pulling quotes from people I pass, and nudging my attention to certain things usually disregarded. 

Now, I am more superstitious than I appear. I knock on wood when my thoughts get a little too bold or on the nose, I believe luck can be given and received, and it is a powerful gift indeed. All this to say I am suspicious of saying (typing out) my story idea here, lest it drains away faster than it appeared in the first place. I don’t want to lose it. But what are we to do now? Can I just say I have this Idea and you believe me? No, I don’t think that will do. I’ll give away as much as I think I can and you wish me all the luck you can spare. 


Paint Knife in a New Light

I used to listen to no podcasts, then my roommate recommended me the Magnus Archives and that is the only one that I have really listened to, well, besides the Bald and the Beautiful, but that is a whole other thing. 

I am not the most knowledgeable on podcasts, but as of recently, I have been a part of putting one together. So, the Death of a Painter, let’s discuss. Oh my god, it was so good! The overall plot was awesome and the references to Bob and his life were on point, and then blown up to hilarious proportions. I mean, squirrel dealer? That’s inspired! 

I was particularly astonished that none of the group members had the script made when they created the commercials. Every ad fit in perfectly with the story! The entire show was very cohesive. 

The only thing was that sometimes I was a little confused about where the scene was taking place and at what time it was happening in the timeline of events. I caught on eventually, but there were some moments where I was unsure. However, at the end, the group did a good job of the courtroom scene, I was there all the way! 

I don’t know how much of this was added in or was picked up from wherever the people were recording, but the background noise was spot on. I always knew if characters were outside or not because of the ambient bird noises. And as someone who grew up with a lot of ambient bird noises, they were spot on.



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    1. Hot Air Balloon Sing-Along Anyone?

Voice Acting and Shovel Pt. 2

Most of this week’s challenges were voice acting and equipment rentals. There weren’t any audio equipment kits at the HCC, but there was a video equipment kit that had a microphone in it. So I used that. Again, give a bird a shovel and he will dig his way under every wall.

This week I also bit the bullet and used audacity. It wasn’t had hard as I thought it would be, the controls are pretty self-explanatory even if it looks pretty archaic. It was either that or use the app that came on my computer and I couldn’t bring myself to record for the podcast on voice memos. 

Then came the biggest kicker; I had to voice act. And I did it. Was it fun? Not exactly. Did I cringe every time I played it back to check over it? Yes. Did I force my roommate to wear headphones as to not hear my pitiful attempt to mimic the voice of someone in a spaceship being hunted by an alien life force? You bet.

But am I also getting very excited to hear the final project? Absolutely! All of the group members gave all of the audio pieces to Daniel so that he can put it all together, and I can not wait to finish this project and enjoy the result! 


Hot Air Balloon Sing-Along Anyone?

An extra one for the good ol’ days,