Rats, Hearts, and Cars


It Is All Keira Knightley

“Music video are only the best way to listen to your favorite song because it give you the added visual dimension. Have you ever listen to a song and said ” oh this would be great with such-in-such movie”? Your task is to use video clips, NOT still shots, to create a music video for any song. Be creative!”

Music Video

Maybe this video is obvious. A song about weddings and Fine China put over footage that has fine china and wedding imagery in it, not the hardest connection to make. But for me, this scene and this song are put in the same drawer in my brain. To pull one out is to at least see the other.

Plus I love pirates.

So I found some scenes and cut them up. Mainly I cut out all of the shots of british people in the wedding scene, and then found all of the dress-floating-in-water scenes. All I want to see is Keira Knightley. She’s all I want on screen.

photo of my workspace^

Bit of a rambley fact, I had no idea how I wanted to end it. And I was just looking for the scene where the wedding dress was floating in water and saw that it faded into Keira Knightley’s face. Once I saw the scene following that transition, I was like ‘yes, this is it’. And that was how I decided to end it.


now i just have to wear it…

“This was inspired from the 30 second documentary assignment. The object is to make a documentary showing how to do something. Wether that’s how to make something, what your/a job is like, trying something new, showing yourself doing something you are terrible at or even really good at.”

ds106 Assignments: 2 Minute silent documentary

True to the assignment, this video has no sound. However, the recommended way to watch it is to just listen to whatever your favorite song at the moment is.

This assignment kind of chose me. I got this skirt over the weekend and was just about to place the first pins before I realized this would be a great mini-doc.

There was quite a bit of trickiness in this. I had limited spaces to film, so I had to put up that sheet out of necessity, not just for aesthetics. It was also a little weird to get the sewing shots. If you saw my setup, you probably laugh but give props for creativity. I had a book standing up on the desk and my phone laid on top of it, hanging off just enough to see the project below. It was interesting to sew while trying to stay in the frame. It didn’t always happen…

my iMove workstation ^

I was very happy with the subtitles. Usually, I do not like the iMovie options, but the two-tone one is quite nice. I did have fun with the ends credits… You gotta make every part of the video interesting! If there was one thing I’d do differently though, it would be to shout out Simply To Go for being the main supplier of Chex Mix.


Simple Enough,

I reacted to the words,

and the fantasy worlds,

{and i made some too}

I acted on screen,

and behind the scenes.

I looked back,

and a little bit around.

After all of this mess,

I’m gonna go have a lie-down.


What Happened on March 31st?

“Create a short documentary, no more than 20 minutes in length. Make it on any topic of your choosing! Be sure to cite your sources, though! Make it on anything that interests: history, sports, music, movies, etc. Just make it informative and engaging!”

Create A Short Documentary

So just to start off, I did make the documentary less than 10 minutes, but I have no sources besides my brain.

So this was a little bit of a stretch. Both of this assignment and me. This assignment was meant for documentaries about real things, but I made it for the event that happened in my Character Point of View Video. Cause something weird happened, and people are trying to figure out what. That’s close enough to a documentary, right?

I have never quite done something like this before, with so much acting on camera. And boy was it weird. Not only to do but to watch back again and again as I edited it.

I will say though, as silly and bad and cringe as this is, I am very proud of it. I had a vision that, at the time, seemed impossible. There were times when I thought that I’d back out and do a different assignment, but I stuck to the story and made it work. So let me walk you through everything I did to make this awful thing that I am fiercely proud of.

I wrote the script and revised it twice. (1,456 words total)

I put up that background screen, which took longer than you might think.

I brushed out that wig.

I dressed up in four different costumes and acted my heart out on zoom to get the visual recordings.

I voice acted the interviewer and also SA Marvin.

Then I edited it all together on iMove. Cut out my fumbles and added in the audio, as well as sound effects for the door, and visual effects for the glitch things. I would pay good money for a glitch feature on iMovie, but alas. All of my glitches are hand-crafted.

I wore masks cause not only did it hide some of my face which was nice, both for my own peace of mind and also less acting pressure, but it differentiated the characters. At least I think so. It is the same kind of mask, which I wore because I find that anything other than a medical one muffles the voice too much. Maybe it didn’t help. I also tried my best to make my voice sound different for all the characters, and added some effects to try and help with that, but I don’t know how effective that was. It all kind of sounds the same to me. But then again, I have been practically breathing this project for the past few days.

So now you know what happened on Monday, March the 31st.


Monday the 31st of March

“For this assignment, take a video no longer than 90 seconds from the point of view of your character. Make sure to weave it into the story you are telling and include actions/materials that your character would use. Also, you could edit it in iMovie and add music.” 

Point Of View

So this is just what the assignment said. A 90-second point of view of one of the characters from what I think will be my final project. I filmed this in our very own UMW library and edited it on iMovie. Please do not judge the effects too harshly, iMovie does not have a lot of ‘magical effects emanating from a book’ features, so I tried my best.

The sound is from an earlier project of mine, a bit of the Idea Outline Post, specifically the audio portion. When I plugged it in here, it actually worked surprisingly well. I was very pleased it didn’t take too much tinkering to figure out.

The goal of this video was to be intriguing and slightly befuddling, but fear not, there are some form of answers.


REWIND that Back

So here is my first and probably only attempt at a video essay. I really enjoyed making this, not only because I love editing videos, but because this scene left a very big impact on me, and at the time, I didn’t know why. After this week’s readings and watchings, I was able to look at it through a newer lens and find out why I liked it so much, how it was just so good.

I made it on iMovie and tried to make it as engaging as possible, to fill most of it with applicable visuals, not as easy as you might think as the clip I was talking about was so much shorter than the length of me explaining it. But I had some fun doing rewind effects and the like. I was going to add some sound to it, just some light music in the background, but when I tried it, it was just too busy. It would have been cool though, I was using music from the tv show, which has a fantastic score.


Watch the Growth

“Make a collage of something growing up, or growing bigger. Now this takes some time-you must have some video footage of the object, person, pet, etc. growing older. It can be a stop motion of a plant, or if you have puppy pictures and now a full sized dog, put them all together and make a collage of it! Be creative!” 

Observe Something Grow

So when I saw this assignment, I immediately knew what I would do for it. I have been collecting videos and photos of myself through my transition and this seemed like a good time to put together a little ‘here’s how it’s going so far’ type of video. I am only seven weeks in, but I didn’t realize how much my voice really changed until I made this video. 

I just put the clips together on iMove, added in some commentary, and it was good to go. I wanted to add music, but I didn’t want to obscure my voice, so it’s a little dry in the audio effect department, but I think the subtitles make up for it.  


Pineapple = Fight


Book it, Fred

I read through a lot of ideas and I am definitely inspired for my own project now! The gears are turning…

FINAL PROJECT IDEAS – Amy’s Online Thoughts

For the idea above, I kind of have to talk about it because the idea is all about books and I love books! I would definitely listen to this podcast/project when it comes out, it sounds so cool. The idea seemed very broad, just about books in general and I think that is a good place to start. There are hints of possible deep dives and I think that falling down literary rabbit holes could be very intriguing. I know that this synopsis seemed to lean towards a podcast/audio medium, however, I think also including text, as that is traditionally writing, could be interesting, as well as including video. Particularly for all of the book summaries, a video that goes along with it or a movie trailer could be very engaging.


For this one, I would just like to say to embrace the mystery. I like the vagueness of it and I think that continuing that throughout the project would be very powerful in keeping the viewer’s attention. Since there is a bit of government involvement in the post, it could be cool if part of the actual story is from a government document or report. That could be an interesting addition to the medium. I am just very excited to see where this one will go, is shadow Fredericksburg in an alternate dimension or this one? Are we shadow Fredericksburg? what is in shadow Fredericksburg? Can you call it shadow Fred or is that too casual? I am dying to know!