Over my Head and Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

I had a lot of fun this week! The assignments that I did turned out to be very interesting and I enjoyed making them. {see links and photos at the bottom} I am very proud of what I did, even my ‘Artistic Ambitions post (Dum-Dums are my Marlboros)’, which I thought was going to be more like academic writing. I also had fun coming up with titles, something that has stressed me out since third grade. 

The Daily Creates were fun and kind of silly, a very cool way to just do something out of the box. Truth be told, I like some of them more than others, but they are not my children, so I can have favorites. 

^totally not a favorite

Maybe it was the amount of detail that I put into everything this week, but the workload this week felt like a lot. There were so many tiny moving parts and requirements. Doing daily comments and daily creates and three assignments and customization and an artistic ambitions post and this summary just seemed like a lot. This class, though very enjoyable, takes up way more time every day than my other classes. If I hadn’t started doing a good bit of my homework over the weekend, and then pacing out everything else throughout the week, I wouldn’t have made it. Let’s just say stress levels have been high. 

In terms of customizing my blog, I had an interesting time. If you are a returner to a bird’s string of thoughts, you might see that nothing has changed from the first week. This is because early on I played around with everything I could to get my site to look interesting. When I tried to go in this week and maybe personalize it a little more, I ran into a ditch. Turns out there is a very big gap between how I previously changed my website and what I would have to do to change it more. Unfortunately, I do not have the technical know-how to span this gap, nor the technical know-how to even understand what the other side of the gap really looks like. It’s alright though because I like my blog how it is, and there isn’t much I would do to change it. {But if anyone knows how to get the menu that has the previous blogs linked on it to appear on the side of the page, drop a comment. That’s the one thing I’d change if I knew how.} For this bit, I am in way over my head. 

I commented on nine of the other student’s blog posts, and genuinely had a fun time reading them! A lot of the work was so creative and inspiring, I will most likely turn future comments into my own blog posts in response! I could fall down a rabbit hole of the other student’s posts, but unlike Alice, I might not make it back.

Moose, Monster, and Peanut Butter: the connecting link

What Does a Juvenile Sentient Alien Vegetation Like for Dessert?

Totally Normal Room of a Totally Normal Teenage Boy

Now, I saved the best for last. I had a lot of fun with my three assignments, even though I hit some roadblocks, both creative and technological. I found it surprisingly gratifying to write about the process of creating. The stories in each of them are stories I could see myself continuing and adding to at a later date when I have far more free time. {If you see a new YA novel with a character that looks like a rip-off of Baby Groot who goes on an adventure with a college kid, please do not sue me.}

Stay safe and sleep well,


Moose, Monsters, and Peanut Butter: the connecting link

Video Assignment #1

So I might have gone a little of the beaten path with this assignment, but blame Bob Ross. As things began to move away from the source material, my only thought was “Let’s get a little crazy,” which is something a very smart man said. That really is what this assignment turned out to be. I leaned into the story as it happened and let it unfold as it wanted to.

“We all know those cooking shows where the TV chef is usually making something that sounds delicious, but by the time we get all the ingredients and actually make the thing they made, it’s not as good as we thought it would be? Or how about those times that you have grand plans for a recipe or meal, but it turns south quickly? What if cooking shows were realistic, and showed how not everything goes as planned, or is fantastic as we want it to be? For this assignment, make a cooking show or highlight a recipe that you can make that is not TV chef worthy, but good enough to eat, and if you’re lucky, enjoy.” 

Well, to start this assignment, I was slightly confined by what foods I could make in my dorm room, and also what foods I could make while low on ingredients. Peanut butter apples were kinda my best (and only) option, and perfect because I wanted a snack! I actually ate it while I edited the video. (insert chef’s kiss here, delicious) I first wanted to try and make the snack backward, then play the video forewards so it would look very strange. Sort of like the red room in Twin Peaks where the characters talk backward, but then the video is played backward so it sounds correct.

^The red room

If that sounds confusing, that’s because it is and I could not find a way to make it work with this cooking video. So I thought I would have to settle for normalcy. It wasn’t until after I filmed the footage that I thought about making it look old, like an early film reel. Then, I thought about the first scene of Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, there is a moose involved and it is very funny.

Who said introductory credits had to be boring?

So I started channeling that and once I wrote the subtitle for ‘spending the day in the countryside’, I thought “What strange thing could you do with this food in Ye Olden Days?” Then the monsters popped in. It was a risk, I’ll admit. Trying to be funny in video format is not something I excel at, but then I thought of the wise words of the Patron Saint of Ds106: “What the heck, let’s get crazy.” So I got crazy and went with it. It was kind of scary doing something so new, and I almost scrapped it, but I tried to take Bob Ross’s words to heart and just keep going. I guess you can be the judge of how successful it was. I had fun making it, so I am happy. 

^Can we get these to commemorate the class?

I filmed the video on my phone using a state-of-the-art tripod made out of an old Ikea box. Then I used iMovie to edit the video. I wasn’t super happy with the subtitle options that the program had, so I made my own. I found the background image of old-timey subtitles and put it on a google doc.

The blank subtitle card

Then I just put the words on top of it and took a screenshot for every subtitle card. I had to redo them a lot cause I made some formatting and spelling mistakes, but it worked.

A deleted card, I fixed it so that the words were more centered.

I then used the ‘Silent Era’ clip filter on everything. I sped up the video clips because frankly they were kind of slow and it worked with the black-and-white vibe. For the finishing touch, I googled “Upbeat Orchestral Music” and picked something that I thought fit.

I chose Viola Concerto in G Major

Strive to be like the cat above, very cool and also asleep.


Hullo there,

The instructions were to be legendary, but how to legendarily introduce someone not quite so legendary? {atleast not yet}

mayhaps that means leaving the introductions until later

– alas, such is not to be

so, hullo, i am bird

I’m not out of this world, you are

This is one of my favorite sounds.

It’s always fresh in this memory, the air is neither cool nor warm, but neither the stale weather one might attribute to memories where that detail has faded away. It is just nice out. I walk how I always walk, briskly. Walking with a Purpose. What Purpose? Don’t ask me, I sure as hell don’t know. Well, in this particular instance, it is art class. I am walking to art class, taking the shortest route, which just so happens to lead me around the back of the school. Behind the brick monoliths whose belly holds and tortures the souls of poor high school kids in stomach acid called trigonometry, is a dumpster and asphalt that has seen better days. As far as asphalt can see that is. Nestled in this asphalt is a sewer grate. I walk over it nearly every day, always pulling out my earbuds just for a moment to listen. The sound of rushing water grows as I approach and fades as I leave it behind. A river running right below my feet, silent except for right then. A world unseen, hardly heard but there nonetheless.

Almost every introduction requires a fun fact so there it is

May the grass be green for you, even if it has snow on top of it,

I’ll catch you on the flippity flop