An Abstract, Squiggly, Vague, Impish, Outline on Rollerskates

I have never been good with outlines. Making them, maybe, but certainly not following them. Usually, I don’t have any idea what I am writing until I am actually writing, or looking at the finished product. So much unexpected happens when I put pen to paper of fingers to keys that I could never account for in any sort of outline. 

But I will give an overview of my long-form story idea here.  

  • The apocalypse has happened. (Do I know how the world ends? No. Does the main character know how the world ends? I don’t know. Does the audience know how the worlds ends? No, I think they’ll have to figure that one out.)
  • The main character is trying to journey to a place. (Do I know who the main character is yet? No. Do I know where they are going and why? No. Might it have something to do with their family? A memory? Maybe. Will they have a pet? probably.)
  • This main character is the last person left on earth.
  • This main character is rollerskating to this place on the now deserted roads. 
  • This main character picks their way through the rubble and document what they find on the way. (Do they collect pages of books left behind? Maybe. Do they sing silly tunes or try and record audio of sounds of the empty world? Probably. Do they draw art to depict what they see and feel? Maybe. Is there something watching them? Maybe.)

It would really be about this character processing and coming to terms with the fact that the world has ended and they are completely alone, and also finding beauty and meaning in staying alive in their new scenario.

I have never created a story with the goal of being so digital. I write, mostly, page after page of text of prose or little paragraphs of poems, and sometimes doing visual art, like watercolor or pencil sketches, but that has been it. At least, so far. I am excited with this project to play around and see what I can do with all of the possibilities that digital storytelling has to offer. Because I am pretty unfamiliar with the digital medium I will be working in, I wanted to keep the outline light so that I would have space to play around and figure out the story as I also figure out this new medium.