A Dorm Room Exposition

These were the tasks I was given:


I stayed in my dorm room and completed the challenge in 8 minutes.

I will let you decide if I did a good job or not.

Some trees express enormous soul. Find and photograph that special tree.

This is my roommate’s own happy little tree, still working on giving it some friends.

Take a photo that includes repeating geometric shapes.

Make a landscape photo! (I interpreted landscape to mean more of the orientation of the camera than what was actually in the photo)

Make a photograph that features a leading line through it today. Draw the viewers eye through the image.

Your most prized possession.

How do ants see the world? Change your viewpoint.
Make a creative photo of paired opposites.

I was nervous about this assignment, my photography skills or lack-thereof making the tasks seem daunting, and my seeming lack of interesting things to photograph another hurdle. But I had fun thinking outside of the box.

It is nice to not have the expectation of professional or even just good photography put on me. The fact that no one is looking for a masterpiece is comforting. It lets me just play around and take silly photos.