High Afternoon on Monday the 31st of March

The salty air whipped through his lungs and he breathed deep, letting it fill him to the brim. Exhaustion blanketed him, pressing him down. He sank into the sand, burying his hands into it, the warmth from the fine white grains seeping first along the pattern of thin scars still healing, then into his calloused palms and aching fingers, turning it all into a heat haze. Now that the projection was done, the tattoos that had flared into prominence on his hands were fading slowly, returning back to his own original skin tone, leaving the pinkish marks in its place. He closed his eyes in simple rest bite, letting the sunlight emanate through his eyelids. The waves roared their approval, their pride in his accomplishment. This was the first time he had tried to call on anything with the markings on his skin, and he made it, he was here—

“¿Qué haces aquí?” a voice asked. He looked up to see a woman silhouetted against the falling sun. She wore a loose shirt flapping in the breeze and pants with the legs rolled up. Hints of colorful embroidery curled around the sleeves and cuffs, like thread vines curling around whatever it pleased. She wore a hat low over her features. 

“Nada, señora,” he said politely. She frowned.

“¿Cómo llegaste a esta playa?” she asked. 

“No me vas a crees,” he said. He moved to stand up but she moved back and held out her hand in a warning.


He stopped and slowly sat down again. “Lo siento.” 

“¿En serio, por qué estás aquí?” she said, “dime rápido.” 

“Necesito visitar un hombre,” he said, “él está aquí, su nombre es Héctor?” 

“¿Héctor? ¿Qué quieres con él?” she asked.

“Quiero hablar,” he said, “solo hablar.” She hesitated for a second but relented.

“¿Te llaman Eric?” she asked.

“Sí, me llaman así,” Eric said.

“Bien. Sígueme,” she said, turning. Eric stood and bid the beach farewell as he followed her inland, the swell of the waves fading with each step.

I used the last remix to expand on my final project idea, and that went very well, so I wanted to do the same thing with this one. Because I only have a few assignments about the final project story, I decided pretty much by default to remix Monday the 31st of March.

This remix prompt immediately spoke to me because I am taking Spanish right now and I loved the idea of trying to write dialogue in Spanish. So I gave it a shot. Because the characters have some more advanced sentences than what I am learning in class, I sent the story to my Spanish professor for him to read it over, and he gave me some corrections, so shoutout Prof. Campos Dintrans!


Two New Characters for the Price of One!

For this remix, I wanted to tell more of my final project story, expand on what I did in set 2 video 2 | Ted Lewis and Permissions, and figure out more of what is happening. So when I saw this remix, it just fit! But instead of one extra character, I added two for the price of one, but just their voices.

To make this, I wrote out a script, recorded the lines, and spliced them all together in iMovie. It was pretty simple, which was a fantastic and much need break from the more intense mash-ups I have done this week.