What Happened on March 31st?

“Create a short documentary, no more than 20 minutes in length. Make it on any topic of your choosing! Be sure to cite your sources, though! Make it on anything that interests: history, sports, music, movies, etc. Just make it informative and engaging!”

Create A Short Documentary

So just to start off, I did make the documentary less than 10 minutes, but I have no sources besides my brain.

So this was a little bit of a stretch. Both of this assignment and me. This assignment was meant for documentaries about real things, but I made it for the event that happened in my Character Point of View Video. Cause something weird happened, and people are trying to figure out what. That’s close enough to a documentary, right?

I have never quite done something like this before, with so much acting on camera. And boy was it weird. Not only to do but to watch back again and again as I edited it.

I will say though, as silly and bad and cringe as this is, I am very proud of it. I had a vision that, at the time, seemed impossible. There were times when I thought that I’d back out and do a different assignment, but I stuck to the story and made it work. So let me walk you through everything I did to make this awful thing that I am fiercely proud of.

I wrote the script and revised it twice. (1,456 words total)

I put up that background screen, which took longer than you might think.

I brushed out that wig.

I dressed up in four different costumes and acted my heart out on zoom to get the visual recordings.

I voice acted the interviewer and also SA Marvin.

Then I edited it all together on iMove. Cut out my fumbles and added in the audio, as well as sound effects for the door, and visual effects for the glitch things. I would pay good money for a glitch feature on iMovie, but alas. All of my glitches are hand-crafted.

I wore masks cause not only did it hide some of my face which was nice, both for my own peace of mind and also less acting pressure, but it differentiated the characters. At least I think so. It is the same kind of mask, which I wore because I find that anything other than a medical one muffles the voice too much. Maybe it didn’t help. I also tried my best to make my voice sound different for all the characters, and added some effects to try and help with that, but I don’t know how effective that was. It all kind of sounds the same to me. But then again, I have been practically breathing this project for the past few days.

So now you know what happened on Monday, March the 31st.