set 2 video 2 | Ted Lewis and Permissions

“Make a how-to tutorial about something you are good at like a sport or hobby. Add a song that fits and narrate it”!

How To Tutorial

Again, I might have gone a little off-book, but this week was for video, not writing. I chose this assignment because I wanted to do something that related to the story that I want to do for my final project, something to help me uncover more of what is going on.

I started with the idea of this magic and filmed the video. Because I didn’t have a tripod I hung my camera from the bottom of my bed (it’s lofted) with yarn to get the correct perspective.

I recorded the audio and mixed it together, adding all of the glitches and static over it. I am getting very good at manually making glitches, they seem to be a re-occurring theme.

Below is a sneak peek of what my iMove looks like, this is the most I could get to fit on one screen, but there are still nine more layers of audio and two minutes of film that go off the page.

The story I was going for, more like the story I am beginning, was someone explaining how to do magic in a video format. Later I want to expand on this, because the back story is that there is a war on magic happening and the recorder of this video knows that magic is about to be destroyed. At least for now. So he is trying to preserve the magic so that people in the future can learn it. The song at the beginning is a cover-up. I plan to do an assignment later with two people discovering this and it will be their reactions to it and the story continuing on in that way.