REWIND that Back

So here is my first and probably only attempt at a video essay. I really enjoyed making this, not only because I love editing videos, but because this scene left a very big impact on me, and at the time, I didn’t know why. After this week’s readings and watchings, I was able to look at it through a newer lens and find out why I liked it so much, how it was just so good.

I made it on iMovie and tried to make it as engaging as possible, to fill most of it with applicable visuals, not as easy as you might think as the clip I was talking about was so much shorter than the length of me explaining it. But I had some fun doing rewind effects and the like. I was going to add some sound to it, just some light music in the background, but when I tried it, it was just too busy. It would have been cool though, I was using music from the tv show, which has a fantastic score.

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You did a great job on this video review, I have been struggling with this assignment. I now have a much better idea of how I can tackle this!! How did you add the text to the video is that a feature of iMovie?!

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