A Weapon? Art? New Species? Deep Meaning?

“Use photo editing software of your choice to splice pairs of pictures into single images.  Play with scale in delightful ways.  See artist Stephen McMennamy’s great collection.”

ds106 Assignments: Combophoto

So this is another step in my photoshop journey. But I didn’t exactly use photoshop. Yes, I returned to my old best friend, google doc. Maybe it is my very limited understanding of Photopea, the software I used in a previous visual assignment, but I needed to do simple things that Google Docs let me do easily. Photopea wouldn’t let me rotate the photo and got mad at the sizes of it all, so I fell back to well-known waters.

I chose an idea based on the fact that I wanted the two things to have a specific point of juncture. So, a tree and a bone.

I found this photo of a tree, I wanted one with a color that was kind of like bone, and this fit.

Then I found this deer bone, also a color that I thought would kind of fit. It was a bonus that the background was blue, not exactly like the sky in the tree photo, but close enough to not be too contrasting.

I used the function on google docs that can put an image behind the text to put the tree behind the bone. With a little movement, I got this.

Then to clean it up, I cut out a swatch of the blue from the background of the bone and added it.

And there is the final version!

I know every photo is a story, and I have no idea what this story is, but I think it is interesting anyway.

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Is there a way to flip the bone image horizontally? That would put the shadow side of the bone image on the same side as the shadow side of the tree. It might help the two flow together a little more.

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