Candles Are Against Dorm Policies Anyway…

I really liked this post, and that is what I commented on it a few days ago, but I keep thinking about it so I am going to post a longer response here. 

I was particularly intrigued by the fact the treat-yourself day is a scam. And subsequently, how often self-care is confused with self-indulgence. I think those ideas are not talked about very often but should be. Self-care is not necessarily doing expensive face masks or gorging one’s self on a fancy dinner.

More often than not, my self-care is more like sacrifices in the moment for a better long run. For instance, I know that I will feel better later if I eat a salad right now. I know that I will sleep better and feel better tonight if I work out today. So I make healthy choices for my future self.

Then there are the times where I give myself a break or some space to unwind, but it is not so romantic as the wider media would have you think. Usually, it’s just a few minutes with my eyes closed, deep listening to a song, or just reading a book. No candles or imported teas or Instagram filters, just me reading at my desk.

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