Folk(s with) Tails: What is Normal Anyway?

All baby capybaras derive effervescent flight gifts. However, ill-meaning jackalopes kick sneakily low-riding minotaurs, never offer pardons, quite regretting silly trifles. Usually, vexations with xeruses yodel ‘zap’.

For context,


a jackalope

statue of a minotaurs
a xeruses

“Create a story that uses words that begin with the letters of the alphabet consecutively. For example, A big cat dug eight… But you have to go all the way to the letter Z. Try to make as much sense as possible. Or if you really can’t, then go crazy. Be creative and have fun!”

ds106 Assignments: A Story In Alphabet

This was quite a bit more difficult than I thought it was going to be. The constriction of only using words that begin with the next letter of the alphabet was a delightful challenge. I wanted to make it somewhat sensical, as much as these sentences are technically sentences in a grammatical sense. They don’t make much logical or normal sense, but what is normal anyway? It kind of turned into a strange folk tale and I am not completely mad at the result. The last six words/letters were really really difficult and are the weakest point, but again, they were very difficult. Thinking about words in this way stretched my mind in ways it doesn’t usually. Overall, it was a very fun puzzle-like experience.

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I love the creativity here! I did this same assignment, and planning ahead a bit I noted that “x” specifically would be extremely difficult. I decided to just go with the first X worth I think of, “xylophone,” and incorporated kids into my story somehow. I love how you thought outside the box and used some really great terminology! Beautifully done.

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