Fungi Growing on the Radio Waves

I don’t often listen to the radio, and when I do, it is not much of a radio show but more like a Spotify playlist broadcast into every car within the right radius. Tuning into ds106 Radio on Tuesday night at around 8 o’clock was like landing on the moon; one giant step for mankind. Or in this case, bird-kind. 

The audio production that was shared was so well done and much more entertaining than I thought it was going to be. The use of narration and different effects and music to differentiate scenes and characters was so expressive. It was like seeing a painting in color for the first time, and then it turns three-d and discusses the intricacies of fungal root systems. It was awesome. 

The fact that I was kept engaged throughout the whole show was a feat in and of itself, but the content of the show was not exactly the most riveting high-stakes plot. If written in a textbook, it would be boring as hell. But between the speakers being genuinely fascinated, the pacing of the scenes, and the audio effects, I was riveted. 

I think the best works of media inspire creativity. Whether it be a book that made the reader want to be an author, the movie that inspired a song, or a painting that breathed life into another painting, it is a mark of success. The audio project presented gave me the itch to play around and with audio as a medium, to make stories of sound.

In reading this over, I just realized 3-D paintings are just sculptures. So this audio project was like going to see what you thought was a black and white painting and really getting a technicolor sculpture that you could float around in that discusses the intricacies of fungal root systems.

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I think a lot of people don’t tune into the radio a lot anymore, not just you. I know for me personally, it’s because mostly I use the radio for music, and using apps such as Pandora is more convenient because even if I don’t pay for the no-ad version, it still has fewer ads and I have more control over what I’m listening to.

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