It Is All Keira Knightley

“Music video are only the best way to listen to your favorite song because it give you the added visual dimension. Have you ever listen to a song and said ” oh this would be great with such-in-such movie”? Your task is to use video clips, NOT still shots, to create a music video for any song. Be creative!”

Music Video

Maybe this video is obvious. A song about weddings and Fine China put over footage that has fine china and wedding imagery in it, not the hardest connection to make. But for me, this scene and this song are put in the same drawer in my brain. To pull one out is to at least see the other.

Plus I love pirates.

So I found some scenes and cut them up. Mainly I cut out all of the shots of british people in the wedding scene, and then found all of the dress-floating-in-water scenes. All I want to see is Keira Knightley. She’s all I want on screen.

photo of my workspace^

Bit of a rambley fact, I had no idea how I wanted to end it. And I was just looking for the scene where the wedding dress was floating in water and saw that it faded into Keira Knightley’s face. Once I saw the scene following that transition, I was like ‘yes, this is it’. And that was how I decided to end it.

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I….. am literally speechless. You chose the perfect clips, and LANA. Oh my gosh. The way the music lined up perfectly with the clips. WOW WOW WOW, you have me crying on a Tuesday night right now

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