MTV stands for Monster Tele-Vision inc.

To be fair, I loved this assignment when I did it, so this isn’t so much a revision as it is a part 2. I wanted to make a completely new second cooking video, but honestly, there is not much I can make in my dorm room that isn’t just like cheese on crackers. The peanut butter apples were basic enough. And this was supposed to be a remix. So I used the same footage.

In the first assignment write-up, I explained that I had originally wanted to do a backward but played forewards video so that it was extra weird, but I had to scrap the idea cause it was too confusing (obviously). But this time I could do it! This could be like a monster’s rebuttal to the original where they de-create the snack. And so this was born. Hats off to iMovie and google doc image options.

Fun tidbit, if the music sounds strange, it is because I took the same music from the last video and played it backward. Thought it would fit well and also tie into the original. 

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That was awesome! It took me a minute to figure out what you were doing! And the music is being played backwards, too? How did you get the video to play backwards?? Inquiring minds have to know. this is really cool…

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