Newbie Week: Summary

Well, to begin with, I have about the digital knowledge of a screwdriver, which is to say I tend to go in circles trying to put fix things together.

I started spiraling when I figured out how to make a website, then a subdomain, then stumbled around to try and make it all look sort of nice. It actually wasn’t too bad. I have a tendency to dive headfirst into things and figure it out as I go, and that is what I did. All the different accounts were pretty easy to set up and maneuver, and I suppose more digital know-how than I thought has seeped into my brain via internet osmosis. I actually had fun with it. I like finding interesting profile pictures.

The introduction was difficult to start because I am typically bad at introductions, but once I leaned into it a little bit and took advantage of the loose guidelines, I enjoyed it very much.

For my youtube video, I was at a loss of what to do. I am not super interested in showing my face or listening to my voice, so I had to think a little outside the box. Video is not my typical medium so there were a few attempts I had to scratch. It was fun once I got rid of my own self-expectations, something I will be doing more often.

The Twitter post was enjoyable after I figured out what my fact was going to be. The character limit was slightly difficult to meet, I tend to be verbose.

I was rather surprised for Soundcloud to be one of the accounts we had to make, and I am not super interested in singing, I had to find something else. How fun to share a cool memory related to sound? I am rather excited to play around with this one more, see what happens.

I am curious to see if my goals hold up as the class gets underway, even more curious to see how they grow.

I got excited at the idea of sharing things, particularly things I love.

To be honest, I hate ASMR. I hate it with a passion. People sounding relaxed while their mouth noises are turned up way way too loud have always invoked a negative physical reaction in me. And I know Bob Ross’s videos are not technically ASMR, but his calming voice might have sent me running far far away. Instead, I found the video very relaxing and enjoyable to the utmost degree. He just has a very nice, positive energy and I think everyone can use more of that.

In general, I thought this first week was going to be much harder than it actually was, which was a delightful surprise by itself, combined with the rather large amount of work that had to be done, I was very relieved. I am very excited to see what the rest of the semester holds and to have fun creating things.

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