now i just have to wear it…

“This was inspired from the 30 second documentary assignment. The object is to make a documentary showing how to do something. Wether that’s how to make something, what your/a job is like, trying something new, showing yourself doing something you are terrible at or even really good at.”

ds106 Assignments: 2 Minute silent documentary

True to the assignment, this video has no sound. However, the recommended way to watch it is to just listen to whatever your favorite song at the moment is.

This assignment kind of chose me. I got this skirt over the weekend and was just about to place the first pins before I realized this would be a great mini-doc.

There was quite a bit of trickiness in this. I had limited spaces to film, so I had to put up that sheet out of necessity, not just for aesthetics. It was also a little weird to get the sewing shots. If you saw my setup, you probably laugh but give props for creativity. I had a book standing up on the desk and my phone laid on top of it, hanging off just enough to see the project below. It was interesting to sew while trying to stay in the frame. It didn’t always happen…

my iMove workstation ^

I was very happy with the subtitles. Usually, I do not like the iMovie options, but the two-tone one is quite nice. I did have fun with the ends credits… You gotta make every part of the video interesting! If there was one thing I’d do differently though, it would be to shout out Simply To Go for being the main supplier of Chex Mix.

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i used the two toned chromatic captions for iMovie too for my latest video and honestly its kind of a slay….

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