Swim Meet Results W12

Welcome to the recap of our very close but not close enough to the last swimming event of the year! Our athletes have worked hard to improve themselves and keep up with this year’s intense training schedule. To give our swimmers an appropriate challenge, we choose more difficult events for this past meet.

The first event was a 200 backstroke,

Then the 200 IM,

followed immediately by a 200 breaststroke.

and the 500 free, of course!

and for the cool down, 250 SKIPS.

Everything was a tie, down to the last agonizing twentieth of a second. If you want to see what some of the fantastic work other teams did, look no further!

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Two Worlds Colliding Mashup

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X Men the Live-Action

Music and Imagery Remix 

Superhuman in Every Day Life

Remix on Death’s Door

It’s a pocket protector its a calculator its super nerd 

Don’r Rain on my Parade Broadway Mashup 

Be sure to swim on in next week when all of the lengths are doubled!

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