The Visual Blind Date

This was my first major introduction to photography and visual (digital) media. We had met briefly before in crowded rooms, hurriedly given each other’s names by mutual acquaintances before wandering our own separate ways to the dessert tables. But this week, it was just the two of us. It started with the basics, our histories, and fumbling through a first conversation.

Then the true colors began to fly. We really got to know each other in through of the most telling situations: stress. You can really see a lot of someone’s character when they are stressed, or just in any less than optimal situation. I was certainly in that situation.

I completed the fourteen stars due this week here on the blog.

Although I had a lot of fun trying new things out in this media, it was tainted by the fact that I was so stressed about getting it all done. It was difficult to enjoy creation when I was hurrying to get it finished on time. Let’s just say we started out the week with a coffee date and ended it with a rushed dinner when we both had more pressing places to be.

The daily creates were, as always, very fun and relatively lighthearted.

I commented on nine posts this week and was encouraged to see other people’s work. It was cool how people had other approaches to similar assignments or creates.

So after this week of visual digital media, I don’t know if this start was too rocky for us to build a stable relationship on or not. We’ll see if they text me back.

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