Ice Skaters and Oldie Diners

{written on feb 1st}

my first ever gif, thank you, yes, please hold your applause,

Create a gif using images that Are from the same scene. For my assignment, I took images of a girl spinning and tried to capture each step of the turn. Then, I added the images to the gif maker In the order they were taken. 

Like most things, this was not the end result I was envisioning at all when I started this project.

At first, I wanted to do something with this clip:

But when I tried to take photos of this clip and put them into the gif maker, chaos ensued. They were blurry, the frame rate was weird, they got all out of order, everything that could have gone wrong did. So I pivoted, though not as smooth as a certain hockey team.

I fell back to twin peaks, particularly a scene with an iconic movement:

There are actually a lot of gifs of Audrey’s dance, so I decided to do something slightly different but in the same vein. And Donna caught my eye. Her reaction to Audry dancing was definitely gif-worthy. So I plugged it into the gif-maker and got this.

I’m not saying I will ever use this as a reaction gif, but hey, Donna Heyward is a Queen amongst mortals.

Toodle do,