Logo for a Narrative Podcast about Aliens and Space Post-Mortems

“As designers are shifting towards the KISS – Keep it simple stupid formula and creating Logos that are super simple and easy to understand. I want a something challenging Logo that is simple yet detailed. I know it is hard to a achieve but not impossible. You can use logo generator tools like or”

Create A Logo That Is Simple But Detailed

I thought that the biggest problem with this assignment was going to be coming up with the word part of the logo. What title or catchphrase could I use as a logo for a narrative podcast about aliens and space post-mortems? Well, that turned out to be very simple, take that overthinking brain! The title of the specific coroner’s recording had letters and numbers in a subtle nod to this class, so I choose that.

I wanted a design that was like the stamps that go on library books. The ones that have the name of the library on it but also the date.

I went to canva, which is so awesome to do designs on. It has a simple and intuitive interface and it is very easy to pick up and use. I actually found a template that was very close to how I wanted the logo/stamp to look and when I played around a bit, I got this.

I was very picky with the font cause I wanted it to look just like those kinds of stamps. {The circle around it would be the part that stays consistent and the title in the circle would be the part that changes based on the number of the recording.}

Now, I wanted the type to look sort of imperfect, like how an actual stamp looks like when you stamp it, but canva did not have a ‘click here to make the font look like ink on textured paper’ but it did have a filter called ‘glitch’ that added some layers and makes it look suitably fuzzy. 

I imagine this logo in black ink stamped on the cover of the manila file folder with the transcript inside of it, filed away but ready to be read by whatever curious intern picks it out.  


The Most Human Daemon

“I know some of us (myself included) are a bit particular about the looks/cleanliness of our technology. But if that didn’t matter, and you had all of the resources at your fingertips, without any fear of it hurting your technology, what would you make as your laptop cover?  Make your own collage or create your unique laptop skin on My Custom Skin, and then share your work flickr. When you blog about it, explain why you chose each image! Use it as a way to share a little about yourself with your classmates.”

Laptop Lingo

Computer cases or stickers/decals are a great way to add some fun to everyday tech, and to show a little bit of yourself on your machine. If I had some extra money, and a laptop that wasn’t already decked out in decorations, this is what I would get.

Ever since I stumbled across the painting The Demon Seated, by Mikhail Vrubel, I have had it stuck in my head. It is my computer home screen and I am currently trying to get my hands on a paper copy of the poem that he based it off of. Not the original version, which is in Russian, but a nice English translation.

Anyway, I took the image and ran it through some filters on preview, basically, I played around with the colors until I liked how it looked. The original version was just a little too light for my taste, I wanted it with more contrast, more drama, and substance. Then I uploaded it to Decal Girl to make my sticker.

I’m just going to put it here again because I just like it so much.

Art actually evoking feelings in the viewer? Ha, couldn’t be me.


High School Baseball Coaches, This One’s For You

“Create some sort of graphic. Design the overall graphic to convey some sort of feeling or theme, but then have text saying something completely contradictory to the theme or feeling. Sort of like one of those old anti-motivational posters, but with more design than a black box with a white frame.”

Contradiction Creation

This is based on those motivational posters only found in counselors or high school coaches’ offices. Like so…

So I had to flip the script. ‘Give up’ seemed appropriate and was the first idea that popped into my head. Once I found good references for the style I was going for, I thought of the byline, chose a photo of an army guy because so many of the similar posters had military people in them, and voilá! I used photopea and also a little bit of preview to add the words, lines, and white and black borders. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I spent a lot of time trying to find a similar font, but I think I nailed that part at least.

Now, after some light digging, I found that this style of poster is also popular with fans of a certain show whose name rhymes with ‘Moy of Mainting’.

Some of these are just as inspirational as the one I made…

^now this is just some good fun…

Feel free to print and frame {mine or the B Ross ones} for some great office decor!


What if a Beach Cult Tried to do Advertisements?

“Design a poster for an upcoming event, it could be a concert, a car show, really anything you want, the event can even be made up. Be creative and have fun with it. When you finish your poster, advertise it on your social media accounts so people will know about the event.” 

Event Poster

So obviously this isn’t an actual event. I’ve been watching a lot of creepy horror stuff lately that I wanted to do something like that here. My main thought process was what if a beach cult tried to do advertisements?

I used canva to make it, which is a super-easy way to do this kind of design. Like most things I do now, I do it the Bob Ross way. Mess around and try things out until it looks pretty good.

What the heck? let’s do it.


Squeaky is Relative

“Make a collage out of your pictures in the software of your choice and turn it into some rad Album art! Experiment with filters, add shapes and colors, and think about how you can create a design out of your photos.
Finally, come up with a band name and album title to add to your design piece. Think about your music genre and what decade it would be released in. And most importantly, be creative, and have fun!”

Create Rad Album Art From Photos

I have a note page on my note app with band names that will probably never get the musicians to host them. Something about the syllables of certain words just sound like band names and it is sad enough that they will go to waste, I have zero ability to music, so it is at least enough to record them.

The band names I was going to chose between were Lethal Muffin, Squeaky is Relative, and Concrete Ass. As you can see, I chose Squeaky is Relative.

For the album cover, I searched back through all of my photos and combined these.

I made the first two photos opaque and layered them over the painting in the photo. I layered them many times just to mess around with how much either one can be seen.

Then I just played around with the fonts and bolding on Preview until it looked kinda cool.

This album cover would for sure be for a band in the early two-thousands. Probably a band with some aggression or anger issues. Maybe punk rock? I could probably screen some lyrics and get a friend to make some sick bass guitar riffs.

Well, now when this impossible band does form, I’ve got an album cover.

This has been Squeaky is Relative, stay safe and good night!