Watch the Growth

“Make a collage of something growing up, or growing bigger. Now this takes some time-you must have some video footage of the object, person, pet, etc. growing older. It can be a stop motion of a plant, or if you have puppy pictures and now a full sized dog, put them all together and make a collage of it! Be creative!” 

Observe Something Grow

So when I saw this assignment, I immediately knew what I would do for it. I have been collecting videos and photos of myself through my transition and this seemed like a good time to put together a little ‘here’s how it’s going so far’ type of video. I am only seven weeks in, but I didn’t realize how much my voice really changed until I made this video. 

I just put the clips together on iMove, added in some commentary, and it was good to go. I wanted to add music, but I didn’t want to obscure my voice, so it’s a little dry in the audio effect department, but I think the subtitles make up for it.