Monday the 31st of March

“For this assignment, take a video no longer than 90 seconds from the point of view of your character. Make sure to weave it into the story you are telling and include actions/materials that your character would use. Also, you could edit it in iMovie and add music.” 

Point Of View

So this is just what the assignment said. A 90-second point of view of one of the characters from what I think will be my final project. I filmed this in our very own UMW library and edited it on iMovie. Please do not judge the effects too harshly, iMovie does not have a lot of ‘magical effects emanating from a book’ features, so I tried my best.

The sound is from an earlier project of mine, a bit of the Idea Outline Post, specifically the audio portion. When I plugged it in here, it actually worked surprisingly well. I was very pleased it didn’t take too much tinkering to figure out.

The goal of this video was to be intriguing and slightly befuddling, but fear not, there are some form of answers.