One Broken Tech is Another Man’s Art

“Glitch art is a genre of art based around digital artefacts. A digital artefact is the unexpected result of when a technology breaks. An artefact could be sound of a CD skipping or pixilation on a highly compressed Youtube video. Glitch has been called the “art of the artefact” and stretching the intended use of a device or file.” 

ds106 Assignments: Glitch Art

I was going to grab some photos of glitches and try to do some visual mixed media, similar to how other people have previously completed this assignment. But when I googled glitches, so many cool pictures came up that I wanted to use all of them. So I said, in the words of our Patron Saint “Oh, what the heck” and I did use all of them.

So I picked my favorites and put them in what I think is a semi-aesthetical order, and uploaded them to an online gif maker.

And of course, I couldn’t help but put a little bit of story into it. The two frames that are quicker than the others are a glitchy inhuman face and a circle. There is also a sliver of a more human-like face in one of the other photos and I didn’t realize it until after I made the gif. Another piece of the puzzle! I don’t know their story, and I don’t know how actually noticible it is, but I like it.

Another way to put a {sort of } narrative into a piece of digital visual media! Add it to the list, Mary!


Can You Make a Xylophone Out of This?

“Take a close up picture of something as see if people can guess what it is. Try doing the skin or outside of something that would make it hard for someone to guess!”

ds106 Assignments: That’s Not What I Expected 

Can you guess it?

It was King.

He’s my little skeleton friend.

Do not worry, these pictures are posted with his written consent.

Lesson learned: Look inside things, when you are allowed, and try to get your eyes working differently.


A Weapon? Art? New Species? Deep Meaning?

“Use photo editing software of your choice to splice pairs of pictures into single images.  Play with scale in delightful ways.  See artist Stephen McMennamy’s great collection.”

ds106 Assignments: Combophoto

So this is another step in my photoshop journey. But I didn’t exactly use photoshop. Yes, I returned to my old best friend, google doc. Maybe it is my very limited understanding of Photopea, the software I used in a previous visual assignment, but I needed to do simple things that Google Docs let me do easily. Photopea wouldn’t let me rotate the photo and got mad at the sizes of it all, so I fell back to well-known waters.

I chose an idea based on the fact that I wanted the two things to have a specific point of juncture. So, a tree and a bone.

I found this photo of a tree, I wanted one with a color that was kind of like bone, and this fit.

Then I found this deer bone, also a color that I thought would kind of fit. It was a bonus that the background was blue, not exactly like the sky in the tree photo, but close enough to not be too contrasting.

I used the function on google docs that can put an image behind the text to put the tree behind the bone. With a little movement, I got this.

Then to clean it up, I cut out a swatch of the blue from the background of the bone and added it.

And there is the final version!

I know every photo is a story, and I have no idea what this story is, but I think it is interesting anyway.


A Dark Valentine

“Use one of your favorite poems as inspiration for a poster. Edit an image or create your own background using any photo editing software, add the poem, and make sure the background exemplifies the poems message. Get creative and have fun!”

Alright, please bear in mind my history. Today was the first day that I edited a photo in a software besides google doc image options.

First things first, (i’m the realest), I choose a poem. This was pretty easy. I am the kind of person to have a favorite poem, but a favorite poem that is not by an easily recognizable poet. Missed You. is actually by a student who went to UMW. I saw this poem in the aubade when I toured here and never forgot it. So we got the poem.

Now, we need some kind of poster idea. When I read this poem the thing that sticks out is the candle and the fact that they are in darkness. I originally wanted to play around with the darkness and found/edited this background.

Then I wanted to add the candle image.

So I found this photo of dripping candles.

This is where the photo editing software came in. I used Photopea, which is free by the way, and it was honestly a little overwhelming at first, but I just played around. I tried to make both the dark weave background and the candles work together, but it just wasn’t really working, so I scraped the dark background and went with just the candles.

I cut out around them so that it looked like this. Yes, I kept the little dots around them, that was on purpose because I thought that it looked cool.

I then formatted the words a little so that they fit around the parts of the photo I left.

Now I had this. I thought I was done, but as I put this photo at the top of the blog, I realized that the bottom part was really empty. So I went back and did some simple Google Doc image re-arranging and got this.

As I was writing this, I thought about changing the background color. I present this alternate version with a black background.

I like this version better so I am officially changing it. This is the final version.

Do I love the finished product? Not exactly. Am I proud of it? Yes. Definitely. I did something new and accomplished a not-half-bad end goal. From here, there is nowhere to go but up. And I can take solace in that fact.


What Does Juvenile Sentient Alien Vegetation Like for Dessert?

Visual Assignment #1

Ok, ok, ok, I know it sounds crazy, but Baby Groot was in my room! Look, that’s totally him! (my photo is on the right, reference on the left) And it makes sense right? It’s snowing outside right now so he probably came in to get out of the cold. He ran off after I took the picture, but I’m gonna try to lure him out with some plant food as soon as I can google what juvenile sentient alien vegetation likes for dessert. Maybe Oreos? 

Visual Assignment: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane

“Have you ever seen that picture that *might* be the loch ness monster, but it’s probably just a floating log? Well, now it’s your turn to perpetuate a myth – the myth of superheroes. Go out and take a picture of something that you know isn’t a superhero, but could be. Is that Superman, or just a bird? Is that Antman, or do you need to do a better job cleaning the kitchen? Who’s to say?”

Just to forward, this whole thing is very very silly. It doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I like it. I like the idea that a little alien tree found its way into a UMW dorm room and is avoiding the resident who is trying to befriend him with human cookies. I think it’s rather cute. It could be the beginning of a great comedy about two very different people (and tree) becoming best friends getting into all sorts of trouble. Just imagine when the student goes to school and Baby Groot tries to tag along. No one can see him, he’s an alien! If the government found out, he’d get taken away and experimented on! The student must distract the class while Baby Groot dances on the window sill, has to smuggle him into the UC to get food, the possibilities are endless! So I think it’s kind of a funny story. It makes me smile and that’s all I will ask it to do. 

Now, making this little story was rather easy. After finding the assignment, I started daydreaming about what superhero I could do. I thought about trying to catch a photo of Jack Frost because it was snowing outside, but when I started thinking about the plants in my room and what superhero they could be, I had it. Once Baby Groot was a possibility, I was not going back. I used the camera on my phone to take the picture. Believe it or not, it took a minute for me to take an appropriately shaky picture. My first few tries were way too static and clean-looking. This was going to be best if the alleged sighting of Baby Groot was suspect at best. Imperfection really is an art. I couldn’t figure out how to make the two photos appear side by side on the blog page, so I just took a screenshot of them in a google doc and used that. If the wall is too high, dig underneath it.

You know me, chief investor of shovels,