Swim Meet Results W12

Welcome to the recap of our very close but not close enough to the last swimming event of the year! Our athletes have worked hard to improve themselves and keep up with this year’s intense training schedule. To give our swimmers an appropriate challenge, we choose more difficult events for this past meet.

The first event was a 200 backstroke,

Then the 200 IM,

followed immediately by a 200 breaststroke.

and the 500 free, of course!

and for the cool down, 250 SKIPS.

Everything was a tie, down to the last agonizing twentieth of a second. If you want to see what some of the fantastic work other teams did, look no further!

Animals Doing Funny Things with a Prequel

Weekly Summary 11

Two Worlds Colliding Mashup

Stop and Listen

X Men the Live-Action

Music and Imagery Remix 

Superhuman in Every Day Life

Remix on Death’s Door

It’s a pocket protector its a calculator its super nerd 

Don’r Rain on my Parade Broadway Mashup 

Be sure to swim on in next week when all of the lengths are doubled!


Weekly Index 11

Cars, 14


christmas, 2

crash, 8

creates (daily), 19

eating, 35

milk (and honey), 38

recovered, 23

scenes, 49

video (lyric), 127

wheels, 62

Keira Knightly, 19

Pirates of the Caribbean, 72

Permissions, 73


index of 26

Ted Lewis, 54


sewing of, 39


Simple Enough,

I reacted to the words,

and the fantasy worlds,

{and i made some too}

I acted on screen,

and behind the scenes.

I looked back,

and a little bit around.

After all of this mess,

I’m gonna go have a lie-down.



Hello, thank you for shopping at Bird-mart. Great prices, better products! Everything here is absolutely free!

Our management would like to inform you of some technical difficulties that our stores have been experiencing, everything should be running smoothly now. We hope.

To find fresh ingredients for a delicious main course, visit aisle 1.  

  1. Completed radio show:

Coroner’s Tale Final (could not be embedded)

For the recipe books, tip and tricks, and a how-to, visit aisle 2.

  1. Radio Show Progress
    1. Voice Acting and Shovel Pt. 2 

To see what other shoppers are buying, check out our ‘often out of stock’ aisle number 3.

  1. Commenting

For a spectacular display of organization that turned out boxes of canned sodas into super-bowl themes shapes, please see aisle 4. 

  1. Daily Creates:
    1. Hot Air Balloon Sing-Along Anyone?

In Reference to the Two Mystic Volumes

Dearest Jordan,

It has only been a week since our last correspondence, but it has felt like much longer. Between my scholarly pursuits, regular riding practice, my father’s lengthened business trip in Broque, helping my sister with the family trade, and my many other necessary engagements, I have hardly had time to sit still. But I have carved out a moment to share with you the developments I have thus found in our pursuit of the mystical.

I was able to translate some of the spells and recreated them to the best of my ability. The instructions were detailed, and I had to research another dialect of the language to read parts of them.

I have added a brief summary of my newfound knowledge of the sub-dialect ‘Digital‘ for you to pursue. Mayhaps it helps you in the translations of your own volume.

The first spell was a liquid concoction to engage visual understanding. I hesitate to call it a potion, but I know that is doubtless what you would think to call it.

The second spell was designated to be a spell of the mind. It boasted powers to defeat what those new-fangled authors call “writer’s block” by opening the creative centers of the brain. I have not the bravery to test them out yet, but they say there is a time for everything.

Now, this next mystical set took most of my unaccounted time this week to translate and piece together. What is becoming a common theme in this volume that I have, is the optical senses. I have included the pages regarding melodies in relation to eyes, a nonsensical message, fine art, and the possible existence of inhuman species. I do hope you will read through these and enter into a deeper correspondence with me regarding them. Seeing as you and I are the only ones with volumes of The Studies of a Digital Kind, I think we ought to give this mystic our best attention.

I have added here as well a list of further passages I have not been able to translate. I hope that maybe one of the libraries near you has a guidebook to this language. I hypothesis that it is a northern dialect of the aforementioned ‘Digital’ language, which would put you in a much better position to research it than me.

The passages are as follows: 

I believe the postal carriage between here and your residence is beginning to run twice each fortnight, please make use of it. Inform me of anything you can discover about what I have thus sent you or anything that you have gathered from your own volume.

Eagerly awaiting your reply, Bird


Over my Head and Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

I had a lot of fun this week! The assignments that I did turned out to be very interesting and I enjoyed making them. {see links and photos at the bottom} I am very proud of what I did, even my ‘Artistic Ambitions post (Dum-Dums are my Marlboros)’, which I thought was going to be more like academic writing. I also had fun coming up with titles, something that has stressed me out since third grade. 

The Daily Creates were fun and kind of silly, a very cool way to just do something out of the box. Truth be told, I like some of them more than others, but they are not my children, so I can have favorites. 

^totally not a favorite

Maybe it was the amount of detail that I put into everything this week, but the workload this week felt like a lot. There were so many tiny moving parts and requirements. Doing daily comments and daily creates and three assignments and customization and an artistic ambitions post and this summary just seemed like a lot. This class, though very enjoyable, takes up way more time every day than my other classes. If I hadn’t started doing a good bit of my homework over the weekend, and then pacing out everything else throughout the week, I wouldn’t have made it. Let’s just say stress levels have been high. 

In terms of customizing my blog, I had an interesting time. If you are a returner to a bird’s string of thoughts, you might see that nothing has changed from the first week. This is because early on I played around with everything I could to get my site to look interesting. When I tried to go in this week and maybe personalize it a little more, I ran into a ditch. Turns out there is a very big gap between how I previously changed my website and what I would have to do to change it more. Unfortunately, I do not have the technical know-how to span this gap, nor the technical know-how to even understand what the other side of the gap really looks like. It’s alright though because I like my blog how it is, and there isn’t much I would do to change it. {But if anyone knows how to get the menu that has the previous blogs linked on it to appear on the side of the page, drop a comment. That’s the one thing I’d change if I knew how.} For this bit, I am in way over my head. 

I commented on nine of the other student’s blog posts, and genuinely had a fun time reading them! A lot of the work was so creative and inspiring, I will most likely turn future comments into my own blog posts in response! I could fall down a rabbit hole of the other student’s posts, but unlike Alice, I might not make it back.

Moose, Monster, and Peanut Butter: the connecting link

What Does a Juvenile Sentient Alien Vegetation Like for Dessert?

Totally Normal Room of a Totally Normal Teenage Boy

Now, I saved the best for last. I had a lot of fun with my three assignments, even though I hit some roadblocks, both creative and technological. I found it surprisingly gratifying to write about the process of creating. The stories in each of them are stories I could see myself continuing and adding to at a later date when I have far more free time. {If you see a new YA novel with a character that looks like a rip-off of Baby Groot who goes on an adventure with a college kid, please do not sue me.}

Stay safe and sleep well,