And For My Next Trick…

I will make it through one more week.

So, in summary.

I really enjoy doing daily creates. The small yet potent doses of creativity, captured in a photo or a few sentences, are pills of pure serotonin. I love the potential of each little story, without having to work too hard to get the details or worry about getting them wrong. It’s just a little elephant in a sock drawer. There is all the fun in that.

Twitter is a Knife and I Stab at Creativity

The assignments were likewise enjoyable but a little more stressful. I was so worried about getting them done on time, even though I did in the end, and with plenty of time left. So hopefully I will not be quite so anxious next week and know that it will all get done. I also have been thinking about other things to add to each blog post so that it is not just words on a background. Sometimes finding photos or other media that relate to the topic is difficult. Maybe in the future, I will try to actually make some art for them? Just to break up the text. 

I really enjoyed close analyzing the story that I chose because I myself was confused why I liked it so much. After breaking it down, along with the help of the readings, it made more sense why I was drawn to it. I can’t wait to make my own story and apply what I learned to it!

All the Exits Are Underground, Unless You Decide to Change Them.

I commented on thirteen other people’s posts, and a high part of my homework every day was surfing the main site for interesting-looking titles. I was always pleasantly surprised by what I clicked on, and read some really awesome assignments!  

Although I do consider myself a storyteller, I don’t usually outline my tales. So it was interesting to have to think ahead, and also think ahead for a new medium I have never used. But I am pretty excited to play around with my story idea and see where it goes. I have already begun daydreaming of an empty world with one person on eight wheels.

An Abstract, Squiggly, Vague, Impish, Outline on Rollerskates

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