Captain Pi-eyed Bill, a Biography

Captain Pi-eyed Bill is not one of the most feared pirates ever, but he is the most vicious. If anyone or any country gets in the way of his search for buried pies and mythical bakeries of civilizations past, they are not long for this earth or these oceans.

Captain Pi-eyed Bill sails on his ship, life, and it is the fastest ship on this hear globe. He actually got it second hand, its original purpose was to race the wind, which it did for many years and won many prizes.

Like most pirates (and all cowboys) Captain Pi-eyed Bill has a bit of a romantic soul. Not in the way of relationships exactly, but a romanticism for life. And to express this, he writes poetry, often about the dreams that he has. Unbeknownst to him, his dreams are visions, predictions of a future that is yet to come.

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