Report # 8-2-5-B, Regarding Complexes 1-6, Subject J6

Report # 8-2-5-B.

Subject J6 is revealing curious tendencies, namely fixations on specific subject matters. These fixations change every week with what is now unsurprising regularity. Research Assistant B1R0l admits fully that he was slightly familiar with Subject J6’s most recent fixation: Audio Complexes. This resulted in a renewed vigor in Research Assistant B1R0l’s work and assignments. It is my own opinion that Research Assistant B1R0l should be next in line for a promotional raise.

Subject J6 had its first complex regarding a fictional retelling of the moon landing. Research Assistant B1R0l has written up his report as can be seen below.

“Neil, You Gotta Hear This”

The second complex was a regurgitation of information surrounding foliage and subsequent vegetable masses. Subject J6 was able to transmit this over broadcast directly. The Technical Stereo Team Ash is still trying to work out the mechanics, but in the meantime, see Research Assistant B1R0l’s report as follows.

Fungi Growing on the Radio Waves

The third complex was in relation to the second. Subject J6 had indirect contact with Research Assistant B1R0l and requested such actions to be perpetrated. After due consideration, and bringing the matter before the board, Research Assistant B1R0l acquiesced to its request. Report appearing after this.

Disco Siri Takes One For The Team

In compliance with Protocols ReG56, Research Assistant B1R0l wrote up three separate reports for the fourth complex. This fourth complex was heavily regulated and Research Assistant B1R0l was very diligent to follow even the most fatuous sub-conditions.

They Change Colors?!? And Make Sounds?!?

A Homemade Bone Chilling Concoction

When The Crickets Fall Silent…

Subject J6 often betrays specific actions that bear weight on ensuing fixations and complexes. Here in the report on the fifth complex, Research Assistant B1R0l expects and prepares for a potential future complex.

Coroner’s Tale

Here, as Subject J6 approached the end of its most recent fixation, our readings became so erratic that we completed a full systems check and extrapolated another set of data. The data still stands, complementary to the first readings. Research Assistant B1R0l has tried his hand at making the most sense out of them in the next report.

Shadows of a {scholarly} Uni-Fox

In addition to all of the many reports that Research Assistant B1R0l wrote up this week, he also made remarks on his fellow Research Assistant’s reports as evidenced here. The following signatures are in code for security: 

This report has been declared viable and verified by the Committee of GF8-TROD, as well as passed through custom set 909RT and cleared by HER. It has also been officially notarized.

May the insentient heavens bring you much peace,

Commander Grant C.

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