musings, on ‘goals’

  • by bird

I am not always the best at thinking up goals. Often, I find that once I actually begin an endeavor and spend some time actually doing it, my understanding not only of the task ahead but my understanding of my own abilities, change drastically. So here I will set down some vague goals and take the time later to specify them as the understanding arises. 

I would like to have a better ability to use social media and internet things, as that has not historically been my strong point. I’d like to learn.

I want to tell stories. Whether that be my own story or more fictional happenings, or just befuddling the audience with some nonsensical scenario, I’d like to tell stories.

I’d like to treat this as an opportunity to be more creative in, what are to me, new mediums. Up until this point, my ‘artistic’ activities have largely been off-line and I think the possibilities of the internet is something I don’t understand quite yet but could be a very fun place to play around.

Above all, I strive to not be boring.

Eating a cupcake as a celebration of your being alive is properly good.

Fare-thee-well and, if you wish, go eat a cake of the cup variety.