Filthy Blueberry Brow Disaster

“Mashup two (or more!) songs that are similar to each other, by either the same or different artist(s). Do your best to show the similarities—edit parts of the songs next to each other. If it’s possible to do this without making it sound terrible, try to overlay the songs at parts to highlight how much they sound alike.”

Similar Songs

Well, I did this assignment. I spent many many long hours recording different layers of these songs and trying to mix them together. Am I very proud of what I did? Yeah. Not cause I think it’s very good, a lot of the transitions could be better, and the whole thing could be better, but because there are some parts I like and I really tried my hardest.

To be fair, I did do a song mash-up a few years ago that turned out really well, and every other mash-up I do is compared to that high standard, but still.

To make this, I recorded different layers of both songs so I could pick apart the seams a little and put them back how I wanted. Youtube had most of them, but I had to find a program to isolate the lyrics of ‘filth’ myself.

My iMovie looked something like this

I put it all in my editing method of choice, good old iMove, and played around until I got the thing you can hear now.

In the future, I probably would have chosen two songs that are more similar or at least have better transition points. Hey, maybe me in the future can come back and remix this assignment with new and improved editing skills. Until then, I think I’ll stick with the originals of these songs.

If you want to hear what might be my peak music editing skills, Take a Breezeblock is right here.