The Horrible Wonder of a Wandering Caterpillar

I have never taken a photography class or really even taken a photo with a camera better than the one on my phone. That being said, I do sometimes snap photos of things I think are worth remembering in such a format. That might be a particular class whiteboard to copy down for notes or a vivid caterpillar walking through my life for the day. So, as mentioned in an earlier blog post, my camera roll is very eclectic.

I am very excited to play around with photography! Every new medium has new potential for good storytelling and I am ready to find it. I was a little daunted by this prospect at first. I have delved deep into the inner workings of writing and to some extent, drawing and painting, and starting a whole new medium seemed like a lot. But the text that we read helped ease those fears. The attitude that it has towards photography were things I am capable of doing. It was very much more about playing around, of being curious, of thinking outside of the box, and just jumping right in and figuring it out. I can do those things. 

^an example of a moment I wanted to keep in a photo format

I think part of the beauty of photography is the beauty of a single moment. The same can be extended to the horror of a single moment, the love of a single moment, the joy, the sadness, the exhaustion, the ordinary, all of it. Though through writing or moving pictures, the viewer gets more backstory and explanation, sometimes any explanation is too much. Sometimes the story is just a photo of one moment, and the view gets to decide what happened before, what will happen next. If you approach a photo like that, it is the original choose your own adventure. You get to help make the story in one of the simplest ways possible. Just look and wonder.