Paint Knife in a New Light

I used to listen to no podcasts, then my roommate recommended me the Magnus Archives and that is the only one that I have really listened to, well, besides the Bald and the Beautiful, but that is a whole other thing. 

I am not the most knowledgeable on podcasts, but as of recently, I have been a part of putting one together. So, the Death of a Painter, let’s discuss. Oh my god, it was so good! The overall plot was awesome and the references to Bob and his life were on point, and then blown up to hilarious proportions. I mean, squirrel dealer? That’s inspired! 

I was particularly astonished that none of the group members had the script made when they created the commercials. Every ad fit in perfectly with the story! The entire show was very cohesive. 

The only thing was that sometimes I was a little confused about where the scene was taking place and at what time it was happening in the timeline of events. I caught on eventually, but there were some moments where I was unsure. However, at the end, the group did a good job of the courtroom scene, I was there all the way! 

I don’t know how much of this was added in or was picked up from wherever the people were recording, but the background noise was spot on. I always knew if characters were outside or not because of the ambient bird noises. And as someone who grew up with a lot of ambient bird noises, they were spot on.