Voice Acting and Shovel Pt. 2

Most of this week’s challenges were voice acting and equipment rentals. There weren’t any audio equipment kits at the HCC, but there was a video equipment kit that had a microphone in it. So I used that. Again, give a bird a shovel and he will dig his way under every wall.

This week I also bit the bullet and used audacity. It wasn’t had hard as I thought it would be, the controls are pretty self-explanatory even if it looks pretty archaic. It was either that or use the app that came on my computer and I couldn’t bring myself to record for the podcast on voice memos. 

Then came the biggest kicker; I had to voice act. And I did it. Was it fun? Not exactly. Did I cringe every time I played it back to check over it? Yes. Did I force my roommate to wear headphones as to not hear my pitiful attempt to mimic the voice of someone in a spaceship being hunted by an alien life force? You bet.

But am I also getting very excited to hear the final project? Absolutely! All of the group members gave all of the audio pieces to Daniel so that he can put it all together, and I can not wait to finish this project and enjoy the result! 

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