One Broken Tech is Another Man’s Art

“Glitch art is a genre of art based around digital artefacts. A digital artefact is the unexpected result of when a technology breaks. An artefact could be sound of a CD skipping or pixilation on a highly compressed Youtube video. Glitch has been called the “art of the artefact” and stretching the intended use of a device or file.” 

ds106 Assignments: Glitch Art

I was going to grab some photos of glitches and try to do some visual mixed media, similar to how other people have previously completed this assignment. But when I googled glitches, so many cool pictures came up that I wanted to use all of them. So I said, in the words of our Patron Saint “Oh, what the heck” and I did use all of them.

So I picked my favorites and put them in what I think is a semi-aesthetical order, and uploaded them to an online gif maker.

And of course, I couldn’t help but put a little bit of story into it. The two frames that are quicker than the others are a glitchy inhuman face and a circle. There is also a sliver of a more human-like face in one of the other photos and I didn’t realize it until after I made the gif. Another piece of the puzzle! I don’t know their story, and I don’t know how actually noticible it is, but I like it.

Another way to put a {sort of } narrative into a piece of digital visual media! Add it to the list, Mary!