Book it, Fred

I read through a lot of ideas and I am definitely inspired for my own project now! The gears are turning…

FINAL PROJECT IDEAS – Amy’s Online Thoughts

For the idea above, I kind of have to talk about it because the idea is all about books and I love books! I would definitely listen to this podcast/project when it comes out, it sounds so cool. The idea seemed very broad, just about books in general and I think that is a good place to start. There are hints of possible deep dives and I think that falling down literary rabbit holes could be very intriguing. I know that this synopsis seemed to lean towards a podcast/audio medium, however, I think also including text, as that is traditionally writing, could be interesting, as well as including video. Particularly for all of the book summaries, a video that goes along with it or a movie trailer could be very engaging.


For this one, I would just like to say to embrace the mystery. I like the vagueness of it and I think that continuing that throughout the project would be very powerful in keeping the viewer’s attention. Since there is a bit of government involvement in the post, it could be cool if part of the actual story is from a government document or report. That could be an interesting addition to the medium. I am just very excited to see where this one will go, is shadow Fredericksburg in an alternate dimension or this one? Are we shadow Fredericksburg? what is in shadow Fredericksburg? Can you call it shadow Fred or is that too casual? I am dying to know!

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