blueberries have always been very polite to me

To make a successful fried Week 9, one must have the best recipe. This is my great-great grandmother’s recipe for deep-fried week 9, and she got it from her great-grandpa so it’s been in the family for ages.


1 1/2s ear of listening corn, chopped.

a blueberry pie , which could be substituted for lemon pie if you find blueberries to be disagreeable.

Once mixed and exsanguinated, the mix must be left to ruminate on the future, and after that is when you can proceed to the next steps.

The mixture must be re-fried.

The mixture must be re-fried again.

If you didn’t fry it before the first re-fry, you have to go back and fry it that first time.

You may add other ingredients, spices, mixtures, lobsters, and utilize other cooking methods to taste.

My favorite alternate ingredients include raspberries, snickers, truffles, green onions, perogies, mountain dew, falafel, doughnuts, red dye 40, parsnip, ham, and or omelets.

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I really love how you write your weekly summaries! I also really like how when I click on the hyperlinks I have no clue where they will take me.

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