Cracking of Bones and Stretching of Flesh

We started brainstorming last night and after an hour of bouncing off of each other and worldbuilding, we had an outline on the google doc. The basic idea was mine originally, but that seems so strange to say now because by the time we had finished talking, the nighttime hours having significantly progressed, everyone had contributed so much that trying to trace the ideas, or even singular plot points, back to one person was impossible. It really was a completely equal collaboration.

I won’t betray too much of what happened, gotta keep those details secret until you listen to the radio show, but everyone was thinking of new ideas or expanding on things someone else mentioned. We discussed how the plot was going to progress, some backstory, what audio elements we wanted to include, some different audio effects we could use to make layers, characters, and potential voices for them, etc. We also discussed logistical things like who had access to a microphone and whose strength fit what aspects of the project.

I volunteered to write the script. I am a creative writing major, so that is right up my alley. I started writing as soon as I could pull up a format for scripts and I put the finishing touches on the first draft just this afternoon. It stretches the better part of ten pages and also includes ideas for potential audio effects designated with the symbols <>. Ex. <cracking of bones and stretching of flesh> I am honestly so proud of the work that we all did. Despite being done completely over discord chat and a google doc, this was easily the best group project dynamic I have ever had so far. And I am so stoked to see how the finished project turns out! 

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