Maria Popova Does The Unimaginable

The extent of my design knowledge is pretty much just me saying “oh, that looks like a sick album cover” at any picture anyone takes that looks like it could be a sick album cover. I’ve never really designed anything. Though I have heard many blanket requests for various club t-shirt designs, I usually left that task to others who were more inclined towards visual art. I just bought the finished product. Up until this point, I have paid very little attention to movie posters or advertisements beside the simple do I want to see this movie or buy this toothpaste. I thought the video on colors in movie posters has definitely changed how I look at said movie posters and the assumptions that I make from them. 

The stranger things video was cool to watch because I love stranger things and also never skip the intro. It was so informative to pull back the curtain to see the process of making something that I found so captivating. 

<Please stand by to see my fledgling photo editing skills combine with my similarly novice understanding of the principles of design at a letter date>

I really liked reading the article for Chip Kidd’s book because not only did it help me look at design in a new and more attentive way, it was one of the most engaging online articles I have ever been assigned. My ability to read long pieces of online text is ridiculously bad for someone who loves reading giant epics of printed books. And truth be told, I was mostly planning on reading the beginning of the article and skimming with increasing speed until I hit the end. Maria Popova however, has other plans. The mix of text, audio, and photos, kept me reading until the end. This sort of format will be something I think about as I make my own digital projects for this course. 

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