One Night Only, Mage Sparrow’s Magical Marvels!

Come one and all to see the work of the Great, the Magnificant, Mage Sparrow!

No one is allowed to see his magic at work, that is only for the Great Mage Sparrow himself, but you are allowed to see the creative aftermath!

For one night only, come and bear witness to the magical marvels of this sorcerer, all done in under thirty-six hours!

The first act is the Cracking of Bones and Stretching of Flesh! No zoo will ever live up to this one!

Then behold the Mystical Painting of Mysteries! Old stuffy art professors who talk about ‘movement’ on the page will eat their words now!

And hear the Fantastical Future with your very own ears!

Then listen to the Automaton Merchantman speak to you and sell you his wares!

And finally, see the spectacular Hall o’ Wonders! It is a hall and boy is it wonderfully spectacular.

And the best thing of it all is that Sparrow Mage is not the only magician in town! See below for other magic acts that are performing as well!

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