What Does Juvenile Sentient Alien Vegetation Like for Dessert?

Visual Assignment #1

Ok, ok, ok, I know it sounds crazy, but Baby Groot was in my room! Look, that’s totally him! (my photo is on the right, reference on the left) And it makes sense right? It’s snowing outside right now so he probably came in to get out of the cold. He ran off after I took the picture, but I’m gonna try to lure him out with some plant food as soon as I can google what juvenile sentient alien vegetation likes for dessert. Maybe Oreos? 

Visual Assignment: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane

“Have you ever seen that picture that *might* be the loch ness monster, but it’s probably just a floating log? Well, now it’s your turn to perpetuate a myth – the myth of superheroes. Go out and take a picture of something that you know isn’t a superhero, but could be. Is that Superman, or just a bird? Is that Antman, or do you need to do a better job cleaning the kitchen? Who’s to say?”

Just to forward, this whole thing is very very silly. It doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I like it. I like the idea that a little alien tree found its way into a UMW dorm room and is avoiding the resident who is trying to befriend him with human cookies. I think it’s rather cute. It could be the beginning of a great comedy about two very different people (and tree) becoming best friends getting into all sorts of trouble. Just imagine when the student goes to school and Baby Groot tries to tag along. No one can see him, he’s an alien! If the government found out, he’d get taken away and experimented on! The student must distract the class while Baby Groot dances on the window sill, has to smuggle him into the UC to get food, the possibilities are endless! So I think it’s kind of a funny story. It makes me smile and that’s all I will ask it to do. 

Now, making this little story was rather easy. After finding the assignment, I started daydreaming about what superhero I could do. I thought about trying to catch a photo of Jack Frost because it was snowing outside, but when I started thinking about the plants in my room and what superhero they could be, I had it. Once Baby Groot was a possibility, I was not going back. I used the camera on my phone to take the picture. Believe it or not, it took a minute for me to take an appropriately shaky picture. My first few tries were way too static and clean-looking. This was going to be best if the alleged sighting of Baby Groot was suspect at best. Imperfection really is an art. I couldn’t figure out how to make the two photos appear side by side on the blog page, so I just took a screenshot of them in a google doc and used that. If the wall is too high, dig underneath it.

You know me, chief investor of shovels,

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This is super well done!! I love that you chose to do Baby Groot for this assignment and I think it turned out great. You also did a really good job on your write up, as it told the story of what you did and why very well.

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